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Re: GHDL and Gnat-4.8.2

Hi Ludovic,

On 2013-11-30, Ludovic Brenta wrote:
> Note that gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7 will be removed from Debian before the
> next release becomes stable, so targetting gcc-4.7-source is probably
> not going to allow transition to testing.

I don't understand completely. At this moment gcc-4.7-source is
available in testing. Does the upload queue nevertheless already know
that gcc-4.7-source is going to be removed?

> It is OK to upload to unstable as a stop-gap measure, though.  This
> will allow the package to go through the NEW queue; this requires
> manual review & approval by a Debian release manager, so normally
> takes time.

Why would the package go through the NEW queue? There is still an old
ghdl package in unstable.

I'm probably asking beginners questions. The system of uploading Debian
packages is completely new to me, so I will have to learn some things.
I do understand the inside of Debian source packages though, and I'm
aware of the policy that covers it. But uploading is another matter.

> So, please do not wait for the package to hit testing before you
> upload an update that uses gcc-4.8-source; this is the official
> target for Jessie.

Ok, in that case I will just wait until upstream feels confident that
the GCC 4.8 transition is done.

Thanks for your help,

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