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Re: GHDL and Gnat-4.8.2

Joris van Rantwijk writes:
>> Also, please build-depend on the gcc-4.8-source package and do not
>> include the GCC source tarball in your Debian package.  Instead, your
>> debian/build should unpack /usr/src/gcc-4.8/gcc-4.8.2-dfsg.tar.xz
>> (the pristine upstream GCC sources) provided by gcc-4.8-source;
>> optionally apply patches from /usr/src/gcc-4.8/debian/patches/*, then
>> your own patches from your ghdl package, using quilt.
> Yes, this is exactly what I have now (except it is gcc-4.7-source).
> If anybody here is interested in sponsoring the package, please let me
> know.

Note that gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7 will be removed from Debian before the
next release becomes stable, so targetting gcc-4.7-source is probably
not going to allow transition to testing.

It is OK to upload to unstable as a stop-gap measure, though.  This will
allow the package to go through the NEW queue; this requires manual
review & approval by a Debian release manager, so normally takes time.

So, please do not wait for the package to hit testing before you upload
an update that uses gcc-4.8-source; this is the official target for

I will also help Nicolas in sponsoring the package, if my time permits.

Ludovic Brenta.

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