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GHDL and Gnat-4.8.2

On 2013-11-28, Brian Drummond wrote:
> I asked Ludovic Brenta, the Debian Ada maintainer and he has no time
> to actually help, but can offer advice and sponsorship. He also
> recommended starting this discussion on debian-ada@lists.debian.org


My current Debian GHDL package is based on the latest SVN snapshot from
GHDL upstream. I'm looking for a Debian developer who can sponsor this
package. (The previous GHDL Debian maintainer has marked his package
for adoption.)

My package is here:

The packaging is based on the old ghdl-0.29 package with some
significant changes: My package build-depends on gcc-4.7-source instead
of including the GCC source code, and it build-depends on gnat instead
of gnat-4.4.

I think my package is ready to go into testing. I'd like to see that
happen before I make further far-reaching changes to the packaging. At
least in that case we know that the package builds properly on all
architectures, and Debian would *finally* have a releasable GHDL package

Once the dust has settled around Brian's recent upstream work to
support GCC 4.8, I will update my package to depend on gcc-4.8-source.

> If you are a seasoned software engineer as I think you are then the 
> best way forward is to set up a branch (say /branches/debian)
> containing *only* the ..../debian/ subdirectory that does the
> packaging.  Under debian/patches, set up a series of patches using
> quilt.

I don't have commit access to the GHDL repository, so for now the
packaging is done on my harddisk. If others want to work together with
me on this package, we should indeed move things into the "cloud".

> Also, please build-depend on the gcc-4.8-source package and do not
> include the GCC source tarball in your Debian package.  Instead, your
> debian/build should unpack /usr/src/gcc-4.8/gcc-4.8.2-dfsg.tar.xz
> (the pristine upstream GCC sources) provided by gcc-4.8-source;
> optionally apply patches from /usr/src/gcc-4.8/debian/patches/*, then
> your own patches from your ghdl package, using quilt.

Yes, this is exactly what I have now (except it is gcc-4.7-source).

If anybody here is interested in sponsoring the package, please let me

Thanks, Joris.

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