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GHDL and Gnat-4.8.2

Announcement : GHDL (upstream) now builds with Gnat4.8.2, gcc4.8.2 and
the upstream gcc4.8.2 sources.

This potentially allows Debian to update its ghdl package, get ghdl,
gnat and gcc all back in sync, and finally retire a very old Gnat
version (clearing a few bugs) in the process.

It also includes a fix for 

Details (if anyone is desperate to jump the gun and build it from
source) at https://gna.org/bugs/?21305

There's a potential packager on ghdl-discuss@gna.org but he may need
some help, plus advice and sponsorship.

Ludovic suggested I bring recent discussion on it here : 

-- Brian ----------------------
Just an update : ghdl (upstream) now builds and passes tests so far,
with mainstream gcc4.8.2. Work continues and we have a guy (Joris van
Rantwijk) who makes unofficial Debian packages and is looking for
(The package there is still for 4.7) 

Would you be interested to help him, or advise me, to move this along
once he's updated it for 4.8.2?

-- Ludovic --------------------
Yes, definitely.  I can sponsor the package but I'd rather rely on you
and him for the actual packaging work and future maintenance.  Also, my
of my former Padawans is now a full Debian Developer and can also
sponsor the package, so please send a mail to
debian-ada@lists.debian.org when the package is ready for consideration.

Next steps.
There are problems maintaining the current upstream repository at
gna.org so I plan to move to Sourceforge (not everybody's first choice
but agreed with another GHDL developer). 

I'll also update ghdl-discuss@gna.org with this thread and hopefully
Joris and/or Pascal (another potential package helper) will join this

I have a little more work to do upstream, fixing some more "low hanging
fruit" on the bug front.

Commments, suggestions welcome.

- Brian

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