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Re: GCC considering enabling Ada by default

Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> writes:
> * Ludovic Brenta:
>> I think it is premature to speculate about the outcome of this thread.
>> Moreover, the discussion so far has been only about which languages to
>> enable *by default*, not about changing the bootstrapping process
>> completely.  Nothing in this thread suggests that a change to the Debian
>> packaging should be necessary.
> Nevertheless, I guess I should mention the version discrepancy on that
> list.  In the past, bootstrapping with the C and Ada compilers built
> from separate GCC releases was not supported.

What version discrepancy? i.e. between the version of what and the
version of what?

Note that gnat-X.Y contains its own copy of the C compiler
(/usr/bin/gnatgcc) so there is no situation where the C and Ada
compilers have different versions.

> What's the reason for the version difference in Debian?  Better
> tooling support outside GCC for older releases?

I'll be able to answer when I undertsand what you mean by "the version
difference in Debian" (i.e. between what and what?)

Ludovic Brenta.

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