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Re: Building SSL Clients with AWS

> Mart van de Wege wrote:
> > I'm trying to build an HTTPS client app using AWS.Client, but I'm
> > getting the dreaded Program_Error telling me SSL isn't supported.
> Yes.
> > Looking at the aws specs, it appears that the debian package defaults
> > to using ssl-thin__dummy. I've tried googling on how to change AWS to
> > use OpenSSL or GNUTLS, but I can't seem to find how (it doesn't help
> > that I get lots of hits om Amazon Web Services).
> If you want to keep having it as a dpkg package, you will have to figure
> out how to change the "debian/rules" file appropriately.  (I haven't
> quite figured it out yet.)
Heh. I already downloaded the package source and was working through it,
but my first naive approach (replace __dummy with the wanted SSL library
in the project files) threw a compile error; so I put that path on hold
until I had more information.

> > Can anyone point me to a good explanation on how to use AWS.Client
> > with SSL, preferably OpenSSL, on Debian?
> There is some information in one of the "readme" (or is it "install"?)
> files coming with AWS.  IIRC you are supposed to change "makefile.conf"
> to get it to use OpenSSL or GNUTLS.
There is some information in the readme that it can be built against
gnutls, but no instructions on *how*.

> Two warnings:
>  - It is not legal to distribute AWS compiled with OpenSSL, as the
>    licenses are incompatible.
Thanks for the warning; as it so happens, I am aware of that; what I am
currently trying to build is for internal use only; even better, I'm
only building a PoC for myself to see if I even can get it to work, so
there will be no distribution in the sense of the licenses.

>  - It seems that compiling AWS with GNUTLS gives an error of some kind
>    (just something I read somewhere - I haven't gotten that far
>    combining AWS and GNUTLS yet).

That's in the readme you mentioned. It apparently overflows something
somewhere and throws a segmentation fault.



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