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Re: Building SSL Clients with AWS

Mart van de Wege wrote:

> I'm trying to build an HTTPS client app using AWS.Client, but I'm
> getting the dreaded Program_Error telling me SSL isn't supported.


> Looking at the aws specs, it appears that the debian package defaults
> to using ssl-thin__dummy. I've tried googling on how to change AWS to
> use OpenSSL or GNUTLS, but I can't seem to find how (it doesn't help
> that I get lots of hits om Amazon Web Services).

If you want to keep having it as a dpkg package, you will have to figure
out how to change the "debian/rules" file appropriately.  (I haven't
quite figured it out yet.)

> Can anyone point me to a good explanation on how to use AWS.Client
> with SSL, preferably OpenSSL, on Debian?

There is some information in one of the "readme" (or is it "install"?)
files coming with AWS.  IIRC you are supposed to change "makefile.conf"
to get it to use OpenSSL or GNUTLS.

Two warnings:

 - It is not legal to distribute AWS compiled with OpenSSL, as the
   licenses are incompatible.

 - It seems that compiling AWS with GNUTLS gives an error of some kind
   (just something I read somewhere - I haven't gotten that far
   combining AWS and GNUTLS yet).


It appears that you have managed to get your "libaws" package to compile
with "libgnutls".  What is the quick way to modify the "libaws" source
to compile with "libgnutls"?


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