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Re: new ada branch for common utils

xavier grave <xavier.grave@ipno.in2p3.fr> writes:
> Hi everybody,
> I'd like to create a new branch (monotone one @ ada-france) to factorise
> all Ada tools/utils we have around, for example :
>     - in org.log4Ada
>          options.ad[sb]
>     - in narval.core.pro
>          low_level_network-utils
>             get interfaces (for linux and freebsd)
>             get address
>          network_utils
> Do you agree on such new branch and how do you think we should call it ?

I'm all for factorizing but... putting unrelated bits and pieces
together in a branch is not exactly factorizing, is it?  If these bits
and pieces formed a consistent whole, you wouldn't have to ask the
question of how to name the branch, methinks.

So, if you really think these should be in a different branch, I'd
suggest creating several branches e.g. org.xavier-grave.options,

BTW, how is options.ad[sb] different from GNAT.Command_Line (which
contains a binding to GNU getopt)?

Ludovic Brenta.

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