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Re: Please release the Ada Reference Manual formatting tool as Free Software

"Randy Brukardt" <randy@rrsoftware.com> writes:

> Hello. As requested, I am looking at re-releasing the source of the
> formatting tool under an Open Source license. 

Thanks for this!

> The only problem is, there are as many open source licenses as there
> are lakes in Wisconsin. :-) Thus, I'd like a bit of guidance.
> My main concern is that the license be one that is appropriate for the
> Debian packagers (whom I believe are the source of this request). 

Yes, that's me.

> If I was to pick some license that can't be used in Debian, we
> wouldn't be any better off, I'll just have spent a bunch of time.


> As a tool, it appears most sensible to license this under one of the GPLs.
> There isn't any need to include part of this in programs (only the output),
> and the use of the GPL would discourage people from using it in proprietary
> products. (I don't expect anybody to make any money from this tool, but if
> someone does, they ought to share some of it with me.)
> Is there any preference between GPL v2 and GPL v3 from the Debian packagers?
> Is there some other license that I should consider instead?

GPL v3 would be best.

-- Stephe

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