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RE: Please release the Ada Reference Manual formatting tool as Free Software

Hello. As requested, I am looking at re-releasing the source of the
formatting tool under an Open Source license. The only problem is, there are
as many open source licenses as there are lakes in Wisconsin. :-) Thus, I'd
like a bit of guidance.

My main concern is that the license be one that is appropriate for the
Debian packagers (whom I believe are the source of this request). If I was
to pick some license that can't be used in Debian, we wouldn't be any better
off, I'll just have spent a bunch of time.

As a tool, it appears most sensible to license this under one of the GPLs.
There isn't any need to include part of this in programs (only the output),
and the use of the GPL would discourage people from using it in proprietary
products. (I don't expect anybody to make any money from this tool, but if
someone does, they ought to share some of it with me.)

Is there any preference between GPL v2 and GPL v3 from the Debian packagers?
Is there some other license that I should consider instead?

                     Randy Brukardt, AXE Consultants.

P.S. I didn't join this mailing list, so please cc me on any replies.

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