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Re: simple talking clock / reminder for when monitor is off and it is dark

thanks very much to all.

i almst missed this as it didn't show uyp in my inbox.

it sounds like there exist things that say the time or can be made to.
then i can use cron to run it or at for a one-off.

i have beep turned off [and currently pulseaudio purged] but videos
play sound with no problem so great.

On 3/22/22, Will Mengarini <seldon@eskimo.com> wrote:
> * Samuel Wales <samologist@gmail.com> [22-03/20=Su 23:03 -0700]:
>> [...] i want debian to tell me the time at certain times.
> Nobody has yet mentioned the festival package, which is a full
> text-to-speech system.  Once you have that installed, you can use
> cron or at jobs to speak whatever you want at specific times.

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