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simple talking clock / reminder for when monitor is off and it is dark

i have to have all lights and monitors off at night.  but i have to
know the time so i can take medicine.

i use slock and turn off monitor with ddccontrol.  this might turn off
mouse and keyboard; i wouild have to check.

i want debian to tell me the time at certain times.  for example
tonight i have to take medicine at 2:40 am.

here are ideas:

- tell me time when i right click [kb much less accessible]
- tell me at a prespecified time like 2.40 am
- tell me the following hours: midnight, 1 am, 2am

any would be ok i think.

beeping would be ok too, such as the ship's bell's system or just 1
extra beep added to the time for those 3 times.

ideas please?  i am not going to be able to do anything particularly
complex, buyt i can script bash.

[if aboe not possible this would be off topic but if anybody has off
list a settable alarm or soething with a red light to see the time
[blue or white no good and pwm no good], that would be a lasst resort.
i don't hae a digita watch or cell phon e.]

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