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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

I agree, one of the difficulties with reporting bugs and suggestions for a non-technical person with Debian is finding the list that handles the problems.  Ubuntu has a system "Bug Squad"  that, like a hospital emergency room, let's people search for a similar bug, if one is found, allow the person to say "me too" or if none is found to submit a new bug. The bug is then - just like a good hospital emergency room - assigned to the correct team by volunteers who in Debian terms "know the correct list".  It's an excellent program, but I still like Debian better despite its flaws.


On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 12:51 PM Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
Samuel Thibault, le ven. 31 déc. 2021 18:50:07 +0100, a ecrit:
> D.J.J. Ring, Jr., le ven. 31 déc. 2021 12:40:39 -0500, a ecrit:
> > I thought your reluctance to go there was related to poor treatment
> > instead of what it most likely is, "too darned many things to
> > accomplish".
> No it's really that I cannot do everything in debian-accessibility
> longterm-wise. The question at stake is not so technical, thus many
> people can discuss/work on it, it doesn't have to be me, so I can spend
> my time on more technical concerns.

Of course I can help in the discussion such as suggesting ideas of
compromises. But explaining the situation etc. takes time to write by
mail, and it doesn't have to be me taking that time.


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