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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

I'm not convinced making mouse controls more accessible is really all
that important. The problem with some GUI applications isn't so much
the need to precisely move a cursor and click on tiny icons or in this
age where everyone assumes everyone has a smartphone, precisely tap on
tiny icons, but that some applications make clicking/tapping the tiny
icons the only way of doing things. If every icon in an application
has a corresponding keyboard command or menu entry, the need to click
tiny icons is eliminated... a universal command to bring up all of a
program's pre-defined keyboard commands would probably be handy as

And it totally sucks that there's such a wide divide between the
discussion area for accessibility, and the discussion area where the
people who can address the system level issues are, and I agree it
isn't fair if Samuel is the only one acting as liaison between the
two... and honestly, this is a discussion that should probably involve
both lists... anyone have a link for joining the Debian Boot mailing
list? Because I doubt sending a message there will do any good if I'm
not on the list to recieve replies sent to the list instead of me
directly, assuming it won't just bounce my message for not being a

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