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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

I'm just suggesting that a text type of network manager be initially configured and running the very same settings that were used and were set up by the installation program which very excellently by the way, tells you which network connections you have, and if there is encryption on WiFi actually elects the correct type and prompts you for the security key.

That's splendid and perfectly accessible.

The only other problem after that is telling the user that such a tool exists!

One way would be to have a text file pointing out the accessibility features - perhaps similar to Didier Spaier's excellent slint-docs which is readable in console and gives "all you need to know" about accessibility and other features might be an excellent template for such a document to be supplied for Debian.  It truly is an excellent work and extremely helpful to Slackware / Slint users especially those needing accessibility features..I have no idea how Didier did it, but his slint-docs scrolls up and down in the console just like it used to do before kernel changes made it too labor intensive to continue its development since most users had "graduated" to GUI and were using a terminal program.  CLI users have been frustrated by this lack of ability ever since, but Didier has solved it in this example of excellent accessible and complete documentation. 

Best wishes and Happy New Year to all,

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