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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

Hi Mike and all,,

also you can use w3m as both a web browser and a pager, so it allows to read
documentation it text format as remote and local web pages.

You can also use lynx as Chime wrote, and allo links.

Also you can use several consoles at the same time, allowing for instance to
read the document in one and type commands in another one.

Suggested reading (mostly borrowed to SUSE, applicable to any Linux):


On 31/12/2021 03:21, Chime Hart wrote:
> Well, Mike, I will hopefully answer both your questions. #1 I think there are
> ways of creating menus based on LYNX the browser, similar to what Universities
> made for students or visitors. #2 You can also use LYNX to browse or read files
> on your local drive. So as an example, if you were to type lynx . you would see
> names of files-and-directories in the style of a web-page. And if your documents
> were in a text format, you could type lynx mike.txt  and lynx would display it.
> There are certainly other ways of reading files from a command-line, but I think
> as a starter, this would be best. Happy exploring.
> Chime

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