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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader


When using a console at least four more consoles are available for simultaneous use. I can use one, then use 
Alt+Left Arrow (or Alt+Right Arrow) to go to the next console.

I just use console for either email using either mutt (as I am doing now) or alpine, or for browsing the web 
using a combination of console browsers, like lynx, w3m, elinks, unfortunately elinks stopped supporting java 
which means that I can no longer access gmail in html web page, but I can get my email in alpine or mutt.

Although I can still see, I consider the number of pictures these days to be just a clogging my Internet bandwidth,
so w3m is perfect for browsing - it shows pictures but not video or the spam type of pictures.

I can also access many news sites using w3m that are blocked by a paywall if I were using firefox or chrome - or 
Debian equivalents but I can read the news sites for free with a text browser.

If I need to find the commands for something, I open another console, Debian and most Linux distros have 6 
consoles to use. If you are running the graphical user interface, one of the consoles - usually either console 1 
or console 6 is used for the graphic user interface.  So you still have 5 more consoles to use.

I am using console 2 to write this, I have console 3 runnning a command line program called surfraw which is 
very powerful and can search many things very easily.  It installs (if you configure it to do this) short cuts 
called elvi.  If you've configured it to install those short cuts, I can type "google chess" it will open up a 
google search for "chess".  If I use "debpackages" instead "debpackages browser" I will see a search at Debian 
Packages with all the results from a text search for "browser".  It's really time saving.

If you install surfraw, read the manual with "man surfraw" and you will learn how to see the names of the elvi and 
what they can do.

I find using the graphical user interface very frustrating because of not being able to see where the mouse is.
With text mode programs it is ALL keyboard, all of it, but mouse can be used if you wish.

Best wishes,

  Mike Reiser wrote: Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 07:37:02PM -0600

> > I have thought about switching to just working in a console, but I worry about having to memorize a bunch of 
> > commands to do things.  in a graphical program, I can use keyboard commands to get around it mostly. Is this 
> > available in console programs? Also, how can I have the documentation open in a web browser, so I can read 
> > it while learning the commands in the console? Thanks,
> Mike

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