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Re: Fwd: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

Hi Chime,

indeed GRUB can play tunes. I am guilty of a program making use of that to
create and edit a boot menu, boot entries from top to bottom getting one more
note. Only caveat: it actually creates a sub-menu per boot entry, as the tune is
only pressed when you press Enter.	

I called it the EFI Multi-boot Menu Maker or EFI3M. It is available here:

However, a simpler solution is to use grub-emu, which displays an accessible
"fake" boot menu in a running system, with exactly the same layout and content
as the one that GRUB will display after rebooting.

On 31/12/2021 00:24, Chime Hart wrote:
> Well Martin-and-All, considering a PC-speaker gives a boop when a boot menu
> appears, couldn't more be done to take advantage of that? I mean, at very least,
> have different amount of beeps as we up-and-down arrow. Obviously for Hams, CW
> would be an option, but I don't know what any actual words would sound like in a
> pc-speaker? In my laptop that boop plays in the sound-card. I remember there was
> a script, I think something like a toones which played some sort of music on
> bootup. Also, the Jupitor distro had rather active progress tones.
> Chime

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