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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

Hi Jordan,

Answers to some of your statements after the quotes.

On 30/12/2021 08:13, Jordan Livesey wrote:
> chromium is only accessible on distros based on debian based
> on a dependency that only debian has and that ubuntu also uses, fedora users
> are out of luck here, so are arch and opensuse users

I wonder which dependency you are speaking about.
Initially as Joanmarie Diggs wrote in:
you needed to launch Chrome or Chromium with these options
but this is not necessary any more in recent versions of Chrome and Chromium.
You only need insure that ACCESSIBILITY_ENABLED=1 is in your environment.
This is true regardless of the distribution in use.

On 30/12/2021 08:58, Jordan Livesey wrote:
> slint is not based on a newer version of slackware
True, Slint is based on Slackware64-14.2 released in 2016. However it includes
the most recent versions of Orca, speech dispatcher and console screen readers
as Mate desktop, mpv and vlc, for instance.

This being said, yes I would like to re-base it on a more recent Slackware
version, hopefully in a not too distant future. There is some hope: Patrick
Volkerding posted that Slackware 15 could be released circa 17 January 2022.

> also, it doesn't support secure boot
True, and I agree that we should overcome this limitation. Recent work has been
done by a Slackware contributor on this regard, and I will try to provide this
support in Slint 15.

> I highly discourage
> anyone from using slackware or anything based on it especially for new users

You are free to give the advice you deem appropriate. I am just guessing that
this one is not based on a recent personal experience.

> also, linux distros that focus on accessibility tend to go out of support pretty
> quickly

Indeed I can't guarantee that I will be able to provide support in the next 30
years (hint: I am 72), but hope someone will take over Slint maintenance and
support. And I am not the only one to provide support in our mailing list.

This being said, it is neither uncommon let alone unfeasible to switch to
another distribution for any reason. I started with Mandrake.


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