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Re: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader

Well Jordan, first of all, an hour ago you sent a huge file 68thousand lines, while including or quoting an item. My Alpine froze for maybe 45seconds or so. Next, you make reference about console screen-readers, but I thought this newer project is only a graphical attempt I myself have never been comfortable with any Linux graphical screen-readers. There was one which I would have `loved to have tried, but I think it was dropped by IBM around 2008, called "lsr" As far as console, well, since I began in DOS, I really liked Vocal-Eyes, eventually started useing Speakup in 2003 with a DecTalk PC internal, now a DecTalk USB. I briefly tried Fenrir, but really Vocal-Eyes was perfect in that it had all kinds of configurable dictionaires to customize an enjoyable listening experience. Thanks for listening

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