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Re: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader

Hi Jordan,

the quote below make me think that you didn't try Slint yet.

On 30/12/2021 00:11, Jordan Livesey wrote:
> when it comes to accessible distros, debian is just too
> good that its not recommended to use distros that are not debian

Link to know what is Slint:


PS There are blind Slint users who never go graphical but use only one the
console screen readers provided (espeakup, speechd-up, fenrir) or their hard
synthesizer with speakup, and others who use only a Braille display on the
command line, others who switch back and fort between console and graphical. Of
course Orca is also available (version 41.1 at time of writing).

PPS No need to remind me that this is a Debian list. I know <smile>.

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