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Re: Debian 11 unofficial firmware first installation

Pawel wrote:
> I don't know what made you think that I did not try alt+F1 before
> writing to the list.

Because you didn't say that you tried, and we have already seen reports
that were solved simply by the knowledge that alt-f1 is what you need to

Pawel wrote:
> Whatever I tried brought me back to the message 'Window without name'

Would you be able to get a sighted person to see what is there? Possibly
it's actually a warning from the desktop, that is not actually
accessible, but could be got ridden of.

Pawel wrote:
> please don't treat me as total ass who is complaining with
> no actual reason.

I'm sorry if I sounded that way, it's never easy to estimate what
knowledge there is on the other side of e-mails.

Pawel wrote:
> I know how to increase Speakup volume, however, still Slint comes up
> with much better level of Speech at the installation process by
> default than Debian. I am sure that you know a perfect answer to this.

Well, possibly raising the volume by default at the very maximum value
(which I guess is what Slint does) would be an option, but for some
people that could also be hurting ears. That's why the alsa people
decided to set the default volume to 80%, not 100%.

That's the problem with audio setups, there is no normalized way to know
how loud the sound will be.


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