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d-i & sound boards that need firmwares: errata?


As reported by a few users, some sound boards nowadays need firmwares
to be able to emit sound. So it's the same situation as the amdgpu etc.
video cards. Except that the BIOS doesn't provide a fallback interface
that espeakup would be able to use, so we need to load the firmware
before espeakup can emit sound. Unfortunately the current structure of
d-i doesn't permit this, we will have to rework a few things beforey
being able to do it.

I'm thinking that we should add the problem to the errata list,
so that people know about the issue? I have commit access to
webwml/english/devel/debian-installer/errata.wml, is writing to it
all it takes to publish an errata item, or is there more coordination


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