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Re: Latest Debian Stable 32 bit with non free firmware

Hi folks,

First, thanks for the help.  I hope this is going out to all concerned;
I'm not used to responding to lists.

I think Debian installed fine, it's ME that has the problems.  The
responce you've sent so far will get me started.  Booting into Mate might
not be a big issue.  Yesterday afternoon I fired up that old laptop and it
came up asking for the user name and password.  I entered them hitting
return after each.  Got stuck there.  I'll work around with the advice
you've given so far.  Moving to a console, I assume it will want me to log
in again; it does in my other computers.  If there is no speech at that
time, will it come up after logging in?

Again, thank you much.

Jim Green

On Fri, 6 Aug 2021, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:

> My question is best put this way:
> If Jim tries ctrl-alt-f2 to get to console 2, what command can he give as
> root to start up in console mode normally and disable booting into
> graphical GUI?
> It's so much easier to give my user name and password on the command line.
> Thanks,
> David

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