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Re: Latest Debian Stable 32 bit with non free firmware


D.J.J. Ring, wrote:
> Doesn't speak when booted!
> Latest Debian Stable 32 bit with non free firmware after installation does not
> speak.

It just does speak for me. Just to make sure: where did you get your
image from? I used


>From what you are saying, I guess you had speech working during the
installation? As detailed in the wiki, please post the output of

cat /proc/asound/cards
cat /etc/default/espeakup

from the installed system, to check what it does have at all.

D.J.J. Ring, wrote:
> There was a bug in the installation of the latest Debian Stable 32 bit with non
> free firmware where if the computer had more than one sound card, it would
> select the digital one and not the analog one.

More precisely, the bug is that at the time the software speech starts,
firmwares are not loaded yet, and thus any audio card that needs a
firmware to work at all cannot be used for speech.

D.J.J. Ring, wrote:
> I wonder if that bug still exists and if so how do you turn sound on once you
> have Debian installed?

Once it's installed you just need to install the firmware package, such
as firmware-linux-nonfree or firmware-misc-nonfree


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