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Re: Latest Debian Stable 32 bit with non free firmware

I've got an idea.

Jim and myself are much more used to Linux that boots to console.

If Jim tries ctrl-alt-f2 to get to console 2, what command can he give as root to start up in console mode?

I guess one way and I think I did this, was to uninstall the desktop manager program, it was probably sddm or gdm but I forget which. I found it by running htop as root when my computer had booted up, I searched for "dm" because sddm and gdm both have "dm" in them, then I uninstalled which ever it was, and Debian behaved itself and booted into console so I could get some work done instead of playing "pin the mouse on the widget" in the GUI. By the time I figure out the graphical interface, I would have gotten all my emails read in console using alpine or mutt.

What's the best way you boot into console mode? I know to go to graphics we just need to type "startx", and if we never type it, the gui stays completely out of the way.



On Fri, Aug 6, 2021, 4:12 PM Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
Jim Green, le ven. 06 août 2021 11:14:16 -0400, a ecrit:
> It came up asking for user name and password.

Ok, so you did get at least some speech so there is no sound
driver/firmware issue here.

> I guess it took it, but I was lost there.  Never
> used a GUI before.

Ok, that might be why.
The "start menu" of MATE can be opened with alt-F1

> Tried Alt-right arrow to get to a console.

This shortcut will not work in X. You need to use ctrl-alt-f1 to
get back to console 1, ctrl-alt-f2 to getback to console 2, etc.


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