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Re: Screen Reader

i have used linux with orca long times
orca is not perfect but are jaws or nvda perfect?
or windows narrator?
we should not talk about surfing the web with voiceover on osx

Den 30 juli 2021 21:46:31 skrev Adrian Orjales <adriorjalesvidal31@gmail.com>:

The best that you can do is give a try to all of them. I am not apple fanboy, I prefer windows instead of mac os. Also I am sysadmin and I use all the systems including android and Linux, and all systems have good and bad things. 

Give a try to all of them, and you will see 
But in my opinion, NVDA fits perfectly to your needs

Kind regards

El El vie, 30 jul 2021 a las 21:38, mattias jonsson <mjonsson1986@gmail.com> escribió:

orca and talkback are stable.
only apple fanboys says anything else

Den 30 juli 2021 21:34:59 skrev Adri Orjales <adriorjalesvidal31@gmail.com>:

Hi Aron
I strongly recommend you to use NVDA.
Under my opinion, is the simplest and most stable screen reader.

Under Linux, there are not stable screen readers. Orca can be used if there's no other option.

Back to windows, Jaws is good but has a high learning curve.

In terms of smartphones, voiceover is more stable than talkback. I can't say the same under Mac OS, but there in OSX there are no options.

If you need more info, nvda has an official mailing list on it's official site.


El 30 jul 2021, a las 21:24, Aaron <aaron.chantrill@dottywood.org> escribió:

On 7/30/21 3:05 PM, Ahmed Hassan wrote:

Well, a list of screen readers:
Voiceover (apple operating systems: ios, macos ETC)
Orca (linux screen reader)
NVDA (windows screen reader: free)
JAWS (windows screen reader: paid but has a free trial)
Kind regards: Ahmed

Thanks Ahmed. Do you have any recommendations of which of those work
better for you? I use Orca for my own testing, but have never gotten it
working well enough to use for a demonstration. It is a bit inconsistent
about what it reads when tabbing through elements, and if I use a voice
other than espeak (flite, marytts, etc) it clips badly. I'd love to know
if your experience is better.

I will check out NVDA and JAWS. I've heard of them, but rarely work with
Windows. Unfortunately, I think MacOSX or iOS are right out for me.

Thanks, Aaron

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