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Re: Screen Reader

On 7/30/21 3:05 PM, Ahmed Hassan wrote:
> Well, a list of screen readers:
> Voiceover (apple operating systems: ios, macos ETC)
> Orca (linux screen reader)
> NVDA (windows screen reader: free)
> JAWS (windows screen reader: paid but has a free trial)
> Kind regards: Ahmed

Thanks Ahmed. Do you have any recommendations of which of those work
better for you? I use Orca for my own testing, but have never gotten it
working well enough to use for a demonstration. It is a bit inconsistent
about what it reads when tabbing through elements, and if I use a voice
other than espeak (flite, marytts, etc) it clips badly. I'd love to know
if your experience is better.

I will check out NVDA and JAWS. I've heard of them, but rarely work with
Windows. Unfortunately, I think MacOSX or iOS are right out for me.

Thanks, Aaron

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