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Re: Install Orca screen reader on the server.

On 7/10/2021 4:48 PM, Marcel Roșca wrote:
Hello! I want to know if "Orca" can be installed on a server without a
Desktop environment, because I am a blind person and I would like to
install a dedicated server. I don't want to have graphics, so I thought I'd
install the orca manually, but I have no idea how to do that. I have
already installed the audio drivers and I have sound in the terminal is not
a problem, but with the installation of the orca it is a bit problematic. I
use SSH to control the server, but I want to have a solution if I lose the
connection so I can go to the terminal and restore from there, Thanks for
the attention and I apologize for my English I don't know and I use Google
Translate. Goodbye.

If you "install Debian with speatch" you could use espeakup locally or
install it using 'apt-get/apt'.

John Doe

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