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Debian Newbie

Hi all. I'm pretty new to Debian. I started with Arch Linux, since that's what a lot of blind people I've been around use--the ones who use Linux anyway--and I was able to use a good bit of it, but had a lot of frustration with trying to set things up, like embossers, braille translation, all that. Google Docs was also pretty painful to use. So now I'm trying Debian, both because I've not really tried it before (since my personal laptop has a Wi-fi driver that doesn't work with the image, both free and non-free.

So, I got it to install on this computer (Intel NUC) although I don't think the Wi-fi works, but I have Ethernet here so it's not that big of an issue. Accessibility works, and I'm finding that, somehow, Mate is even more accessible on Debian, with the Run dialog giving a lot more info that before. Also Debian's accessibility Wiki is pretty encouraging that people are working on its accessibility. I've also moved to Debian's "unstable" packages, to get more like a rolling release.

So, I'm trying to start over with Linux in a better way, asking more questions, and hopefully I'll have a better time with an actually helpful distro and community. So, any tips or getting-started info?
Devin Prater

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