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Re: Problems when using brltty in the terminal


Christian Schoepplein schrieb am 08.05.2021, 16:20 +0200:
>But it seems, and that is totaly not understandable for me, that the brltty also is able to read things in ghe graphical environment. Wehn I open the application menu for example with Alt + F1 the entries are also outputed by the speech system, when no Orca and also only the brltty in the terminal with speech support is running.

BRLTTY uses `-x a2`, i.e. it uses the at-spi2 screen driver. This is the way
for BRLTTY to capture the output of the MATE terminal.
BRLTTY supports these days a few more controls which is why it shows something
on the display, even if Orca is turned off. Why is this a problem? Ora has in
non-terminal windows a priority and will outrule BRLTTY on the at-spi bus.


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