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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

I do not know, if all three settings are needed  It would require some time to try it out.
Samuel, you are C language expert.
If Proot makes something wrong, that I Am getting truncate failed permission denied message, for example, when pressing down arrow key while I have opended /etc/profile in pluma. When I have pressed down arrow key I have got this error message and Orca have been silent.

I know, that you are very busy man andyou areworking on many projects. But may be, that you could look inside Proot C source code why there is so much errors related to truncate failed permission ednied.
You will also getthis bug when typing
espeak sometext
May be, that it is causing by The fact, that converting ARM64 bit ARM assembly instructions to ARM32 have some shadow effects on mathematical instructions.
I do not know, where to report this bug related to Proot module.
Since it exists across all Linux distributions so it is notDebian specific one.

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