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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

Pulseaudio is stable and is Thepart of Termux repository. Official Termux available on Google Play store support this sound server.
After you will install Termux, when you will run it.
pkg install pulseaudio
You must also type The following commands to run Pulseaudio sound server in Termux.

pulseaudio --start --exit-idle-time=-1
pacmd load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl= auth-anonymous=1 You can edit ./profile to add those lines above The last line. In this case, Termux will automatically irun Pulseaudio sound server.

When you will install yours Linux distribution to Termux, do not forget to add The following line to ./bash so Espeak and Speech-dispatcher will work there with no issues.
export PULSE_SERVER=\"
There are several distributions for Termux, which run perfectly. I recommend to test Debian, Arch Linux and Ubuntu. I love Debian, since there is The most friendly community here and even I do not run normal Debian operating system, I run it by using termux, Proot and Qemu user mode variant, which executes 64 bit code on ARM 32 bit CPU, it is possible to cope with sockets and other issues including starting services. Mr Vagner have informed Me about The way, how to setup Pulseaudio sound server on Termux. So he is professional.

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