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Re: Alioth to Salsa migration of a11y and tts packages


Thanks for working on this!

Paul Gevers, on sam. 20 janv. 2018 21:36:20 +0100, wrote:
> An a11y team was already been created² (not by me by the way), I just
> created the tts team³. Who wants to be co-owner with me?

I guess you can already include the maintainers who have a Debian
account which were already in the tts team on Alioth.

BTW, this is also a heads-up notice: people who don't have an Debian
account, you need to create yourself a salsa.debian.org account and ask
us to add you to the a11y and tts projects.

> I propose we don't start yet with updating the VCS-* and maintainer
> fields yet, as I don't believe there is consensus if the old values have
> to go away

Yep, and it's tedious to do :)

> In due time, we should develop some policy on how we handle the
> administration, but I haven't played enough with GitLab to have a good
> idea, and I think we are small enough that everybody that wants can just
> get all the permissions he/she requests.

I don't think we need to decide rules, and can just do whatever we need
as we need it :)


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