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Alioth to Salsa migration of a11y and tts packages

Dear co a11y and tts developers,

You should all be aware that Alioth is about to be decommissioned. As
far as I see, the replacement on Salsa is mature enough¹ that I want to
start migrating our archives over to it.

An a11y team was already been created² (not by me by the way), I just
created the tts team³. Who wants to be co-owner with me?

The documentation (see ¹ for links) advises to lock down the archives on
Alioth after the migration, so I'll do that for every archive that I
migrate, hence this heads up. I'll try to post links to the new
archives, but you should already be able to guess them.

I propose we don't start yet with updating the VCS-* and maintainer
fields yet, as I don't believe there is consensus if the old values have
to go away (there is an effort ongoing to keep supporting the Alioth
mail lists). In case of emergency, we can always temporarily use the
debian-accessibility@l.d.o list again).

In due time, we should develop some policy on how we handle the
administration, but I haven't played enough with GitLab to have a good
idea, and I think we are small enough that everybody that wants can just
get all the permissions he/she requests.


¹ https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/877esvj33h.fsf@delenn.ganneff.de
² https://salsa.debian.org/a11y-team
³ https://salsa.debian.org/tts-team

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