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Re: Bug#855446: debtags: Adding more accessibility tags

Hi Samuel,

Have you considered to use just the facet without the "accessible-with"?

> users would like to have accessibility::accessible-with::foobar tags for
> applications.

like accessibility::foobar instead?

> More precisely, these are the kinds of tags that can be thought of:
> to describe whether the package is technically accessible:
> - accessibility::accessible-with::at-spi
> which can for example be basically applied to all gtk, qt, and java
> graphical applications. That wouldn't necessarily mean usability, just
> that technically the content of the application is available to screen
> readers.

and accessibility::screen-reader which is already present?

> to describe whether the package is actually accessible via some medium:
> - accessibility::accessible-with::braille
> - accessibility::accessible-with::speech

there is accessibility::speech

I mean I'm not against the accessible-with, only I see some possible
duplication or unnecessary complication here.

One way or another, do you already have a list of possible tags to be



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