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Bug#855446: debtags: Adding more accessibility tags

Source: debtags
Severity: normal


This is actually an old idea that never got implemented, but some recent
discussion showed that it would be really useful, basically:

users would like to have accessibility::accessible-with::foobar tags for

More precisely, these are the kinds of tags that can be thought of:

to describe whether the package is technically accessible:
- accessibility::accessible-with::at-spi
which can for example be basically applied to all gtk, qt, and java
graphical applications. That wouldn't necessarily mean usability, just
that technically the content of the application is available to screen

to describe whether the package is actually accessible via some medium:
- accessibility::accessible-with::braille
- accessibility::accessible-with::speech
depending on the software it may be usable or not with braille or
speech. A user interface can for instance be very tedious to read with
speech while being fine with braille

to describe whether the package is actually accessible via some screen
- accessibility::accessible-with::orca
- accessibility::accessible-with::brltty
- accessibility::accessible-with::speakup
- accessibility::accessible-with::yasr
- (other screen readers...)
there, users of the corresponding screen reader can set it whether they
consider it's usable with the corresponding screen reader. This tag
may seem to have some overlaps with the braille&speech above, but it
doesn't: a package may be accessible with orca's braille, but not with
orca's speech. A package may be accessible with speakup's speech, but
not brltty's speech.

Actually, perhaps we'd rather have
- accessibility::accessible-with::orca-braille
- accessibility::accessible-with::orca-speech
- accessibility::accessible-with::brltty-braille
- accessibility::accessible-with::brltty-speech
- accessibility::accessible-with::speakup-speech
- accessibility::accessible-with::yasr-speech

And then debian-accessibility@ people can use
https://debtags.debian.org/edit/ to submit them according to their



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