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Re: Bug#855446: debtags: Adding more accessibility tags


Enrico Rossi, on lun. 20 févr. 2017 11:08:57 +0100, wrote:
> and accessibility::screen-reader which is already present?
> there is accessibility::speech

These are completely different: accessibility::screen-reader and
accessibility::speech are for tools which *provide* accessibility, while
accessible-with would be meant to mark packages which can be *made*
accessible, precisely with those tools. Far from all packages can be
made accessible. But of a lot of packages can. For a blind person,
trying packages at random to see which ones can be used is a pain, so it
makes sense to have a mark to just directly get them.

> One way or another, do you already have a list of possible tags to be
> created?

This is to be discussed with debian-accessibility, thus the Cc of the
original but report and this mail.


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