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Re: speech-dispatcher and RC bugs


Luke Yelavich schrieb am 18.01.2017, 13:31 +1100:
>On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 08:48:10AM AEDT, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> That being said, I find #838665 a bit abusive.  I actually had to
>> re-read several times "software that imports all installed Python
>> modules": how can that be a good idea?!  Now, that being said, AIUI
>> speechd_conf is not a python module that programmer would normally want
>> to use, so perhaps the simplest way would be to just move that module to
>> a private area, and make the only user (spd-conf) load it from there?
>In addition, the fies that were in 0.8.6 for the python code are not all
>entirely correct. Seems spd-conf is still broken. I didn't really check fully,
>my python is not the best either. 
The module is still in a bad shape, I fixed some of the issues with my patch in

>Sebastian, could you please have another look at spd-conf? Seems you didn't quite get the argparse code correct...
Would you please be so kind to describe what's not working? It works here on my
Stretch box, but maybe I'm testing the wrong thing.

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