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Re: speech-dispatcher and RC bugs


Samuel Thibault schrieb am 17.01.2017, 22:48 +0100:
>That being said, I find #838665 a bit abusive.  I actually had to
>re-read several times "software that imports all installed Python
>modules": how can that be a good idea?!  Now, that being said, AIUI
>speechd_conf is not a python module that programmer would normally want
>to use, so perhaps the simplest way would be to just move that module to
>a private area, and make the only user (spd-conf) load it from there?
I have proposed a patch on the BTS, but forgot to attach the patch. Nobody told
me, so I assumed people didn't have the time yet.
This issue was reported upstream too and   I had submitted a patch there;
afterwards, I backported the fix to Debian.

I do agree that it's odd to import modules just for the sake of doing so, but in
this case, this also breaks pydoc, which relies on importing modules to document
them. It's up to you whether you make that module private, but if you don't, I
can backport the patch again and attach it to the bug.


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