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Bug#848016: brltty-espeak: very monotonous speech and noticable delays in speech output


Eric Scheibler, on Sun 08 Jan 2017 09:05:09 +0100, wrote:
> 2. The delay after muting the screen reader is still there too (used the shift key for brltty)

Err, but is shift really supposed to shut brltty up?  Without using the
keycapture feature, brltty can't detect shift presses.  This is the same
with espeak and espeak-ng.

> Instead the speech output overlaps during fast cursor navigation. Therefore a fast line-by-line
> navigation still is not possible. I even think, that it's a bit worse now.

Mmm, when I try espeak and espeak-ng I don't really see a difference

> Just for the record: I also tried to use orca with the speech dispatcher and its espeak-ng module.
> This works as expected. No delay and overlappings and a normal pronunciation.

Ok, so at least we can keep espeak-ng there.


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