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Bug#848016: brltty-espeak: very monotonous speech and noticable delays in speech output

Hello Samuel,

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> schrieb am 02.01.2017, 20:56 +0100:
>Can you please test with the latest version libespeak-ng, 1.49.0+dfsg-3?

Same problem.

First I've updated espeak-ng, espeak-ng-data and libespeak-ng1 to version 1.49.0+dfsg-3 (unstable).
Then I started brltty from the testing repository (version 5.4-4). The monotonous speech output and
delay are still there.

Secondly, I've installed libespeak-ng-dev and libespeak-ng-libespeak-dev from unstable (version
1.49.0+dfsg-3) and built brltty from the git master branch with espeak speech driver support. Same

Lastly, I've removed libespeak-ng-dev and libespeak-ng-libespeak-dev and built brltty against
the old libespeak-dev library from testing (version 1.48.04+dfsg-5) again. This still works as


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