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Bug#848016: brltty-espeak: very monotonous speech and noticable delays in speech output

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> schrieb am 08.01.2017,  0:21 +0100:
>Could you try the latest version, 1.49.0+dfsg-4?

I've removed the old espeak packages entirely and installed espeak-ng, espeak-ng-data:amd64,
espeak-ng-espeak and libespeak-ng1:amd64 all in version 1.49.0+dfsg-4.

1. The monotonous speech output persists.
2. The delay after muting the screen reader is still there too (used the shift key for brltty)

But the responsiveness of the speech output in general has improved. For example deleting a line of
text char-by-char was very slow in the previous version (spoke almost every char before deleting
it). This is much more usable now.

Instead the speech output overlaps during fast cursor navigation. Therefore a fast line-by-line
navigation still is not possible. I even think, that it's a bit worse now.

Just for the record: I also tried to use orca with the speech dispatcher and its espeak-ng module.
This works as expected. No delay and overlappings and a normal pronunciation.


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