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Re: MATE chosen by default instead of gnome for blind people [Was: Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 6 release]

Hi Mario,

On 23-05-16 14:05, Mario Lang wrote:
> I am quoting just one sentence, I hope it is clear why such
> documentation material is absolutely useless to end users.
> Under the heading "Blindness", select "Read screen aloud".
> "Quickly turn Screen Reader on and off
>    You can turn Screen Reader on and off by clicking the accessibility
>    icon in the top bar and selecting Screen Reader.
> "

I am not disputing your point, but I got curious and took a look. To be
fair, only a few lines lower it says:
To access this menu using the keyboard rather than the mouse, press
Ctrl+Alt+Tab to move the keyboard focus to the top bar.


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