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Re: MATE chosen by default instead of gnome for blind people [Was: Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 6 release]

Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> writes:

> Am 23.05.2016 um 00:30 schrieb Mario Lang:
>> I would be very much interested in that.
>> GNOME2 had nice things like a keyboard shortcut manual.  That already
>> brought you 50% down the road.
> …
>> blind people interact with a desktop.  If you can write a guide which
>> explains how to use GNOME3 without a mouse, I think you would go a
>> *long* way towards an accessibility guide.
> Have you read
> https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/a11y.html.en
> Is this documentation insufficient or were you simply not aware of it?

I was not aware of it *and* it looks rather insufficient.

I am quoting just one sentence, I hope it is clear why such
documentation material is absolutely useless to end users.

Under the heading "Blindness", select "Read screen aloud".

"Quickly turn Screen Reader on and off

   You can turn Screen Reader on and off by clicking the accessibility
   icon in the top bar and selecting Screen Reader.

This sounds like a bad joke, sorry.  I am not going to dive further into
this, it looks like a big waste of time.  This sentences violates two
principle at once: It shouldn't refer to icons, and it shouldn't refer
to their physical location on a screen a blind user will never see.  It
is just a demonstration of the fact that at least some people in the
upstream accessibility effort have absolutely not understood what
accessibility is all about.


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