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Re: Emacspeak 44 In Debian


Thanks for this great summary. Just a question: why would one user
choose Emacspeak instead of speech-el? My purpose is really not to
troll, jut to know both utilities exist and seem maintained.


Le 22/05/2016 21:54, raman a écrit :
> The end-state we need to achieve with the package:
> 1. User on an out-of-the-box setup gets Emacs up and talking with
> Espeak -- no questions asked.
> 2. This gives a user a setup that talks, that setup can then be used to
> set up other servers etc -- the only one that really makes sense today
> is the outloud server, for which the user would purchase a license from
> voxin, get the associated package, and install it -- the setup from (1)
> should be adequate to let the user do this independently.
> 3. All of (1), (2) is mostly a bootstrap mechanism --- someone using
> Emacspeak for real is expected to add in the necessary bits into their
> personal emacs set up anyway.


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