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Re: Emacspeak 44 In Debian

Short summary for d-accessibility:
Upstream emacspeak, Raman, just e-mailed me to discuss the packaging of
emacspeak in Debian. This email is around the fifth in the conversation.
He proposes we simplify things.

On 22-05-16 20:20, raman wrote:
> 1. Yes, we can copy that list on this discussion -- but I dont have the
> band-width to follow one more list.

No problem, I will always CC you.

> 2. Emacspeak has never worked with xemacs --

Ok, maybe I misremember the original script.

> 3. I can help with the lisp bits.

[Replacement of the current emacspeak.sh shell script by a lisp
implementation.] Great.

> 4. the emacspeak-espeak server package provides the espeak server I
> believe. What I meant was that we just make that package a hard
> requirement for this debian emacspeak package

Well, it is already a "Recommends" which on modern Debian systems means
that it is installed by default (you have to opt-out to have no
recommends during install). I am not sure right now about the priority
level of the questions but the package already is aware that the user
may want to use a different server. We could of course make sure the
relevant questions are only asked at prio low (which means not by
default) or when emacspeak-espeak-server is not installed. Then the end
result is basically what you suggest. Look at the popcon stats¹ of the
emacspeak packages, it seems everybody is now indeed installing


¹ https://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=emacspeak

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