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Re: dark theme boot menu?

On 01/19/2016 11:24 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Hello Sam !
During discussions, it was raised that selecting the dark theme is not
really convenient: on the syslinux images one has to press tab and
append theme=dark, and on the grub images, one has to edit the grub
Enter theme=dark is also hard for newbie because the user must knows qwerty keyboard layout.
This of course raises the question: where will this end, will we end up
with dozens of boot entries, making the boot menu unusable? :)
I think It is not difficult for a user to press enter and after that press keyboard shortcut.
This BTW raises the question of documenting shortcuts. For now, the
newt frontend prints "<Tab> moves; <Space> selects; <Enter> activates
buttons" there is not much more room, and the gtk frontend doesn't print
any, I guess it assumes that the gtk shortcuts are well-known.  We could
perhaps add an F1 shortcut, which would print all the shortcuts?  Of
course, there is always the "bootstrapping issue" of somebody not being
able to read the shortcut panel because it's too small or not proper
colors, etc. but there is no miracle solution here anyway.
We can provide a unique shortcut, maybe F11 (for a11y) that display in full screen a new panel in dark theme and big font that provide check boxes for accessibility feature. The navigation could be arrows key up/down and space to activate it. The way for saving could be tab to button at the bottom or F11. For quit without saving we can use Escape key. It is very important to make the shortcuts easy for people with mobility issues and for visual impaired big font and theme dark to make it able to read the options


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