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dark theme boot menu?


During discussions, it was raised that selecting the dark theme is not
really convenient: on the syslinux images one has to press tab and
append theme=dark, and on the grub images, one has to edit the grub

So it was suggested that the dark theme could be an additional boot
entry, thus making it easy to select.

This of course raises the question: where will this end, will we end up
with dozens of boot entries, making the boot menu unusable? :)

The speech case is very particular, in that it's an entirely different
debconf frontend.  In the case of color themes, we could imagine to add
shortcuts to the frontend instead, thus also making it easier to choose
among various colorsets which can suit various impairements.

This BTW raises the question of documenting shortcuts. For now, the
newt frontend prints "<Tab> moves; <Space> selects; <Enter> activates
buttons" there is not much more room, and the gtk frontend doesn't print
any, I guess it assumes that the gtk shortcuts are well-known.  We could
perhaps add an F1 shortcut, which would print all the shortcuts?  Of
course, there is always the "bootstrapping issue" of somebody not being
able to read the shortcut panel because it's too small or not proper
colors, etc. but there is no miracle solution here anyway.

What do people think about it?


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