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Re: Whonix - Advice on Accessibility for a Debian Derivative

Patrick Schleizer, on Thu 17 Dec 2015 17:48:51 +0000, wrote:
> Using the platforms (virtualizer)'s graphical user interface. (Multi
> platform)
> Either,
> - just like a normal Debian installation on hardware (which we call
> physical isolation),

So in this case the user can plug USB devices?

> - VirtualBox gui,
> - virt-manager (KVM gui)

IIRC those support USB pass-through and virtual sound boards.

> - Qubes.

Does it currently have USB pass-through support and virtual sound

> > but perhaps you don't pull
> > Recommends?
> Not pulling recommends indeed.

Hum. On the long run that will probably be an issue, since Debian now
does pull them by default, so we demote some of the dependencies to
recommends when they are not real hard dependencies, so that people who
really don't want the software installed can uninstall it.  Not pulling
recommands will thus make you miss interesting packages to be installed.

You will probably want to have a look at the task-*-desktop tasks &
such: there is libreoffice-gtk which is needed for accessibility.


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